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1998 Carmel Concorso Italiano

Here's the shots of Alfa Romeos I took at the Concorso. My favorite is the Alfa Romeo Stradale, which is one of the most wonderful cars I've ever laid eyes on.

Alfa Romeo C2900 front Here is a beautiful Alfa Romeo with some bodywork that couldn't have been easy to produce.
Alfa Romeo C2900 rear Here's a shot from the rear.
Alfa Romeo C2900 side Here's a shot from the side.
Alfa Romeo GTV front These little cars are awesome! I have a friend who actually owns one. If only he'd get around to restoring it!
Alfa Romeo Montreal front These cars are pretty cool, too! And that friend I was just mentioning who owns a GTV? Well, he owns one of these, too. He has never let me drive it, but I have been in it when he was driving. It has some pretty good get-up-and-go.
Alfa Romeo P2 engine This engine is a straight-8 with dual centrifugal superchargers. They're run off of gears from the middle of the engine. They fired this engine up while I was there. The sound it made was beautiful. But you don't expect to hear such a powerful sounding engine from a car this old.
Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ-1 front I liked the looks of this little Alfa, and my friend David informed me that it's a Giulia TZ-1 (TZ is short for "Tubolare Zagato").
Some Alfa Romeos Here's a shot across a sand trap of a number of Alfas.

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