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1998 Carmel Concorso Italiano

Ferrari is the Italian exotic. Others may have existed before Ferrari, and others have arrived since, but Ferrari is a name known more widely than any other Italian vehicle name. For example, my spell checker doesn't recognize Lamborghini or Bugatti, but it knows Ferrari. People who don't know anything about cars know what Ferraris are. Whether Ferrari is your favorite Italian sports car or not doesn't matter (personally, I like Lamborghinis and Bugattis more than I like Ferraris). The simple fact is that when people think of Italian cars, they think of Ferrari.

One thing I do have to admit about Ferrari, though. The company consistently produces cars that not only go fast and handle well, but are beautiful to look at, as well. There are a few exceptions to this (I don't know very many people who consider the Mondial to be a beautiful car), but most Ferraris are more than cars -- they are works of art.

There was a huge turnout of Ferraris at the concorso. The pictures I took just can't do justice to the turnout.

Ferrari 308 front three-quarter Here's a front three-quarter view of a 308.
Ferrari 330 P4 front This is one of my favorite Ferraris ever. It's a 330 P4. Here is a shot of the front end.
Ferrari 330 P4 side view Here is a shot of the 330 P4 from the side.
Ferrari 330 P4 rear view Here is a rear view of the 330 P4.
Ferrari 356 Here is a 356.
Ferrari 356 Here is another 356.
Ferrari 456? engine bay Here is the engine bay of either a 456 or a 550. I think it's a 456.
Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer This is a 512 Berlineta Boxer. It is one of the rarer recent Ferraris. It has a boxer 12 mounted on top of the transaxle (which makes it confusing to classify as a mid- or rear-engined vehicle).
Ferrari California Special This car is a California Special. One of the cool things about Ferrari is the company's attention to detail. For instance, this car has brushed aluminum vents to let air out of the engine bay.
Ferrari California Special SWB Here is a California Special SWB (short wheelbase).
Ferrari Dino Here is a Dino. Yet another sweet looking Ferrari.
Ferrari F348 from behind Here's a rear view of the F348
Ferrari F355? interior Here's a shot of the interior of either an F348 or an F355.
modified Ferrari F40 Here's somebody's F40 with a few modifications. I hope he made the mods so that he could race it, because changing the wing sure didn't improve its looks any.
Ferrari F40's Here are three F40's all in a row. How often do you get to see something like that?
Ferrari F50 Here's a shot of an F50. These cars are sweet! I want one.
Ferrari F50 engine bay Here's the motivation for the F50.

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