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1998 Carmel Concours Italiano

Ferrari is the Italian exotic. Others may have existed before Ferrari, and others have arrived since, but Ferrari is a name known more widely than any other Italian vehicle name. For example, my spell checker doesn't recognize Lamborghini or Bugatti, but it knows Ferrari. People who don't know anything about cars know what Ferraris are. Whether Ferrari is your favorite Italian sports car or not doesn't matter (personally, I like Lamborghinis and Bugattis more than I like Ferraris). The simple fact is that when people think of Italian cars, they think of Ferrari.

One thing I do have to admit about Ferrari, though. The company consistently produces cars that not only go fast and handle well, but are beautiful to look at, as well. There are a few exceptions to this (I don't know very many people who consider the Mondial to be a beautiful car), but most Ferraris are more than cars -- they are works of art.

There was a huge turnout of Ferraris at the concours. The pictures I took just can't do justice to the turnout.

Ferrari F550 Maranello Here is an F550 Maranello, seen from the front. The shots are kind of wierd because they have the car parked on the side of a sand trap.
Ferrari F550 Maranello Here's another shot without the dude walking into the picture.
Ferrari F550 Maranello Here's a shot from the side.
Ferrari 330 GTC I had no idea what kind of ferrari this is until somebody informed me that it's a 330 GTC, but I drove one once. Before you ask, I was so excited to be driving it that I didn't pay enough attention to just what it was. But I did pay attention to what it looked like.
Ferrari GTO race prepared Here's an awesome race prepared GTO.
Ferrari GTO race prepared Here's another shot of it.
Ferrari GTO Here's a street GTO.
Ferrari GTO Here's a rear three-quarter shot.
Ferrari 275 GTB Here's 275 GTB (maybe -- the individual who was kind enough to point out that it wasn't a GTO wasn't sure, but thought that that's what it looked like).
Ferrari Lusso Here's a Lusso. I actually got a chance to drive one of these once.
Ferrari Lusso Here's another shot of a Lusso.
Ferrari 250LM? Some nice soul informed me that this might be a 250LM. Which sounds good to me.
Some Ferrari race car Here's the engine bay.
a bunch of Ferraris Here's one row of Ferraris. There were at least four times as many Ferraris present as show up in this picture.
some more Ferraris Here's a 456, 550, and 355.
Ferrari Super America Here's a very rare Ferrari Super America. It's a really sweet car.
Ferrari Testarosa Here's the rear end of a Testarosa.

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