1998 Carmel Concours Italiano

You might not know it, but in the past, Fiat has made some pretty cool little cars. Especially when Abarth has had a hand in it.

Fiat Abarth Here is a Fiat Abarth. Pretty cool little car. Yes, it does have a double-bubble roof.
Fiat 131 Volumetrico This is a Fiat 131 Volumetrico. I had a Matchbox car version of this when I was a kid, and I loved it. Seeing it at the Concorso brought back fond memories
Fiat of some sort I don't know what kind of Fiat this is, but I really like the way it's front end looks.
Fiat of some sort Here's another shot of it.
Fiat of some sort Here it is from the side.

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