1998 Carmel Concours Italiano

Italdesign is one of the most famous automotive design houses in the world. Maybe not as famous as Pininfarina, but very famous, non the less. The Nasca is probably the most famous of the recent prototypes done by Italdesign.

Italdesign Nasca front Here's a front view of the Nasca C2. This is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. The entire body is made of carbon fiber. It is powered by a BMW V-12 mounted behind the driver. The side windows are not attached to the door, but rather swing upwards like gullwing doors, while the doors swing forwards. They are removable for open-air driving. If you look closely at the full-size picture, you can make out the open window.
Italdesign Nasca front Here is another picture of the front end, this time with the door closed.
Italdesign Nasca front three-quarter Here is a front three-quarter view.
Italdesign Nasca rear three-quarter Here is a rear three-quarter view. It was hard to get good shots of this car because, for one thing, it wasn't displayed very prominently, and for another, there were always lots of people around it, even early in the morning.
Italdesign Nasca rear Here is a rear view. It gives a better idea of how the door and window open
Italdesign Nasca interior Here is a shot into the cockpit through the open door and window.
Italdesign Nasca interior Here is another shot into the cockpit. That funky looking red circular thing is a magnetic latch to keep the window closed.

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