1998 Carmel Concours Italiano

Lamborghini is the bad boy of Italian exotics. Ferraris might be beautiful, but Lamborghinis are menacing. The Diablo practically screams, "Don't mess with me!" And we won't even talk about the LM002. Lamborghini made a military version of this beast with a machine gun mount on the roof. The Saudi army used it. We're talking about a machine that could hold eight passengers and scream across the desert at 124MPH. And that speed was limited by the fact that the treads would fly off of the monster Pirelli tires at anything higher due to the centrifugal forces generated.

There were 4 or 5 LM002's present at the Concours, as well as at least 30 Diablos. Most of the Diablos were SV models with the Jota kit (as if a "normal" Diablo doesn't have enough horsepower). Also present were a few Muiras, a lone Jalpa, a Countach or two, a number of Espadas, a P400, a 350, and I think a Silhouette. The wildest Lambo there had to be the Diablo with twin-turbos.

Lamborghini 350 I really like the way these little cars look. I don't know much about them, but I love that front end.
Lamborghini Diablo SV Here's one of the ubiquitous Diablo SV's with a Jota kit. You can see more of them in the background.
Lamborghini Diablo Jota This one had a wild paint job, as well as a different Jota kit than the rest of them.
Lamborghini Diablo Jota See what I mean?
Lamborghini Diablo targa intakes I really like the way the intakes look on the targa model of the Diablo.
Lamborghini Diablo VT Here's a rear view of a VT.
some Lamborghini Espadas Here's most of the Espadas.
some Lamborghini Espadas Here's the rest of them.
Lamborghini Muira Here's a Muira with the trunk open.
Lamborghini P400 Here's the P400. Nice looking automobile.
some Lamborghinis Here's a shot across the fairway to show just a few of the Diablos present.
some Lamborghini Diablos Here's some more Diablos.

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