1998 Carmel Concorso Italiano

Maserati (or at least Maserati prototypes) was the featured marque of this year's Concorso Italiano. As a result, there were some very rare examples present. But I don't know enough about Maserati to know what's rare and what's not, so I took pictures of a few I liked.

Maserati Bora This is the front end of a Maserati Bora.
Maserati Bora and Merak This is a picture of a Bora and a Merak.
Maserati Merak This is a Merak.
Maserati Merak Here's another shot of it.
Maserati Khamsin This is a Khamsin.
Maserati Frua This is a Frua. Pretty cool, huh?
Maserati Frua Here's a rear view of it.
Maserati Frua Here's a detail of the side vent. Note the location of the side marker. I love detail touches like that.

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