Vector Aeromotive

1998 Carmel Concorso Italiano

I have always loved the Vector W8. Ever since I first saw it in a 1983 (I think) Car & Driver and it was called a Vector M2. then Vector came out with the Avtech WX3, which was later redesigned with a Lamborghini V-12 and renamed the Vector M12. This car doesn't look as good as the original M2 / W8, but it has some cool features. One happened to be at the Concours, probably due to that Lamborghini V-12. Talk about a switch. It's much more usual to see an Italian bodied car with an American engine than the opposite. In this case, though, it makes sense. The engine Vector had been using was an extremely expensive twin-turbo V-8. The company that bought Vector also owned Lamborghini. The V-12 was cheaper and more reliable, while still being fairly powerful. Not 625bhp powerful, but powerful, none the less.

Vector Aeromotive M12 Here is a head-on shot of the Vector M12. This is a surprising large car, but it is extremely low.
Vector Aeromotive M12 Here's a front three-quarter view.
Vector Aeromotive M12 Here's a rear three-quarter view.

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