1999 Concorso Italiano

Quail Lodge, in Carmel Valley, CA, August 27, 1999

Friday, August 27th, was the 1999 edition of the Concorso Italiano at Quail Lodge Resort, in Carmel Valley (just outside of Monterey), California. I attended this event with another Club Z (Club Z is a San Francisco Bay Area 90+ 300ZX club with about 100 members right now) member, Dave N, and his father. The three of us had an awesome time. This year, there were approximately 50 Lamborghini Diablos there, including one with a very nice, more subtle than usual application of the color-shifting paint that is becoming popular right now. By more subtle, I don't mean that the color shift was more subtle -- it shifted from deep purple to green -- but that they didn't paint the whole CAR that color, but only the various inlets scattered about the car (you KNOW there are inlets all over these cars). The rest of the car was black. It looked AWESOME! There was another Diablo with twin superchargers and a couple of full race Diablos. Oh, and Mario Andretti had HIS Diablo there. There was only one LM002 this year, but there were a number of Countaches, a BEAUTIFUL Miura (that used to belong to the Shah of Iran), at least one other Miura, some Jalpas, Espadas, at least one GT400 and a GT350, and I'm sure one or two other Lamborghini models I'm missing.

There were a TON of Ferraris there. There were three of the late model GTOs (the ones that came out in the 1980's). This is a VERY rare car, so to see THREE of them is very impressive. There were also four F40s. I don't know where the F50's were this year, but there were some 550 Maranellos and 456s and I got to see my first 360 Modena (and my second and third and...). Of course, there were a lot of classic Ferraris there, too, including some Daytonas and one of my favorites, some of the original Dinos (no, NOT the Magnum P.I. cars, although there were a ton of those, too). Mondials were there, as well as some GTAs, Testarosas, 348s, 355s, 512BB's, etc.

There were Maseratis there, including Boras, Ghiblis, and others (I'd give more details, but I don't know that much about them). There Were Alfas there, but sadly, no Stradales. There were Lancias, Intermeccanicas, De Tomasos (including one I've never even HEARD of before that was a 2+2 COUPE called the Longchamp), Fiats, Iso/Bizzarinis (in fact, one of them won the Peoples' Choice award),and even some makes I've never heard of. Oh, and in the corral section, there was a NOS'ed Viper, a BMW M1, two Mercedes gullwings (and a convertible version), as well as a number of other very nice cars.

This event just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. I tried to get a large contingent of Club Z members to go to this show, Next year, I'll just have to start advertising it earlier to get more Z's involved. Oh, and if we had registered before August 2nd, we could have parked in the corral and paid the same price to get two people per car into the event that we paid to park in the parking lot (well, okay, we were parked on a golf course -- on the green, no less, but our cars would have been NOTICED in the corral).

So, for anybody that saw my ads for this and decided not to go, YOU MISSED OUT! As you can see, Dave and I went pretty crazy with our cameras. There are approximately 600 images in these galleries from this show. So, on with the show...

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