Highlander: Director's Cut (1986)


Republic Pictures is proud to present this Director's Cut in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of this highly acclaimed romantic adventure fantasy.

The story of Connor MacLeod, one of a race of immortals who can only be killed when beheaded with a sword. After living in peace for four centuries, he is challenged by an old enemy named Kurgan. "There can be only one!" - Connor MacLeod (CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT). During a fierce sword battle in the 1500s, Connor MacLeod, a simple Scotsman known as a poor fighter, is mortally wounded - but he does not die. MacLeod learns from the mysterious Ramirez that he is of a race of immortals. These rare knights never age and never reproduce, they can only meet death by the blade of another of their kind. Leaping back and forth through the centuries, MacLeod once again meets the evil Kurgan who nearly killed him 500 years ago.

Although "Highlander" made only $5 million at the U.S. box office, the film grossed almost $70 million overseas. It went on to spawn two sequels, an animated children's television series, a live-action television series on the USA cable network, a series of books, a "Highlander" Web site, a CD-ROM game and a huge merchandising catalogue.

DVD Features...

Scene Access, Audio Commentary, Trailers, Deleted Scenes, Production Notes, Closed Captioned, THX, Still Frame Slide Show

Easter Eggs...

End game quiz answers: Question Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
1 A A A
2 B A C
3 C B A
4 B B C
5 A C B
6 C C A
7 B A B
8 C C B
9 A C C
10 C B B
11 C B C
12 B C C
13 B A C
14 C A A
15 C A B
16 B B C


Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, Sean Connery, Beatie Edney, Alan North, Jon Polito, Sheila Gish, Hugh Quarshie, Christopher Malcolm, Peter Diamond, Billy Hartman, James Cosmo, Celia Imrie, Alistair Findlay, Edward Wiley, James McKenna, John Cassady, Ian Reddington, Sion Tudor Owen, Damien Leake, Gordon Sterne, Ron Berglas, Louis Guss, Peter Banks, Ted Maynard, Anthony Mannino, Helena Stevens, Frank Dux, Prince Howell, Anthony Fusco, Ian Tyler, Corrinne Russell, Buckley Norris, Jim Brunzell, Sam Fatu, Greg Gagne, Jimmy 'Jam' Garvin, Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy, Michael Seitz

Directed By...

Russell Mulcahy

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Highlander: Director's Cut

Technical Details...
Running Time:
116 mins
Release Date:
Picture Format:
Soundtrack Languages:
English: DD 5.1, Commentary: DD 2

Republic Pictures, Lumiere Pictures Limited, Artisan
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
English, Spanish

Price: $24.98

Collection no. 15

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