The Patriot: Special Edition (2000) (Rated: R)

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In the emotionally-charged adventure The Patriot, Academy Award®-winner Mel Gibson stars as Benjamin Martin, a reluctant hero who is swept into the American Revolution when the war reaches his home and threatens his family.

A hero of the fierce French and Indian conflict, Martin had renounced fighting forever to raise his family in peace. But when the British arrive at his South Carolina home and endanger what he holds most dear, Martin takes up arms alongside his idealistic patriot son, Gabriel (Heath Ledger of 10 Things I Hate About You), and leads a brave rebel Militia into battle against a relentless and overwhelming English army. In the process, he discovers that the only way to protect his family is to fight for a young nation's freedom.

DVD Features...

Scene Access, Audio Commentary, Trailers, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, Production Notes, DVD-ROM Content, Closed Captioned

Easter Eggs...

Bonus Clips:
Select the "Special Features" option at the main menu, then select "Visual Effects". Select either the "How a Patriot Loses his Head" or "Recreating a Digital Army" option. When you enter either of those two options and play it, you will notice that there are three different sections on the screen playing footage. Press Left, Right, Up, or Down to see small yellow arrows appearing in all different sections that are playing footage. You will have to toggle a bit to find them all. Each arrow will tell you something different when you select it.


Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs, Chris Cooper, Tchéky Karyo, Rene Auberjonois, Lisa Brenner, Donal Logue, Leon Rippy, Adam Baldwin, Gregory Smith, Mika Boorem, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Trevor Morgan, Joey D. Vieira, Jay Arlen Jones, Tom Wilkinson, Bryan Chafin, Logan Lerman, Mary Jo Deschanel, Jamieson Price, Peter Woodward, Grahame Wood, Beatrice Bush, Shan Omar Huey, Hank Stone, Kirk Fox, Jack Moore, Mark Twogood, Colt Romberger, Terry Layman, Shannon Eubanks, Bill Roberson, Charles Black, Andy Stahl, Kristian Truelsen, Kanin J. Howell, Mark Jeffrey Miller, Zach Hanner, Dara Coleman, Randell Haynes, John Storey, Greg Good, John F. Dzendzelowicz II, John S. Curran, Kyle Richard Engels, John Bennes, Roy McCrerey, P. Dion Moore, Tyler Long, John H. Bush, Gil Johnson, Scott Miles, Derrick B. Young, Le Roy Seabrook, Samuel Brown Jr., Samuel Brown Sr., Lillie L. Harris, Braima Moiwai, Patrick Tatopoulos, Ricardo Bunge, Robert J. Kern, Jeff Nicolet, Julian Adams, Robert Cannon, Pete Doudoumis, Sam Edens, John P. Ericson, Eric Holloway, Michael Neeley, Wilson Norman, Russ Petty, Lucas Rakofsky, Morgan Raque, David Rivitz, Dana Siegelman, Lori Allen Siegelman

Directed By...

Roland Emmerich

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The Patriot: Special Edition

Technical Details...
Running Time:
165 mins
Release Date:
Picture Format:
Anamorphic Widescreen
Soundtrack Languages:
English: DD 5.1, French: DD 3, Commentary: DD 2

Columbia Pictures, Mutual Film Company, Centropolis Entertainment
Action, Adventure, War
English, French

The Patriot The Patriot


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