Road Trip: Unrated Version (2000)


Road Trip stars some of today's hottest young talent, including MTV's hip comedian, Tom Green, Sean William Scott, Breckin Meyer and Amy Smart. Green brings his outrageous brand of humour to this raucous tale of four college buddies who party hardy on a Road Trip.

Josh has a major problem - besides the fact he's in college in Ithaca, NY, and his longtime girlfriend Tiffany is in Austin, TX. A video of him getting funky with the luscious Beth was mistakenly mailed to Tiffany and now he has three days to get to Texas before the tape does!

DVD Features...

Scene Access, Trailers, Deleted Scenes, 'Making Of' Documentary, Production Notes, Interactive Game, Music Videos, DVD-ROM Content, Closed Captioned

Easter Eggs...

Put the DVD into your computer and a menu will pop up with the following options: "Play Movie", "DVD-Rom Features", and "Online Website". Over in the upper-right-hand corner is a water tower with a fish on it; click on this salmon and you'll get to hear a clip of "The Salmon Song".


Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, Paulo Costanzo, DJ Qualls, Rachel Blanchard, Anthony Rapp, Fred Ward, Tom Green, Andy Dick, Ethan Suplee, Horatio Sanz, Rhoda Griffis, Deborah Zoe, Marla Sucharetza, Ellen Albertini Dow, Edmund Lyndeck, Jessica Cauffiel, Kohl Sudduth, Wendell B. Harris Jr., Rini Bell, Jaclyn DeSantis, Aliya Campbell, Kim Fox, Patricia Gaul, Richie Dye, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Tim Ware, Julia Wright, Paula Claire Jones, Richard Peterson, Phe Caplan, Avery Waddell, Omar J. Dorsey, Preston Brant, Mia Amber Davis, Jimmy Kimmel, Bethany Sacks, Charlie McWade, Todd Barry, Bill Rowell, Bill Gribble, Guinevere Rodriguez, Al Wiggins, Lisa Chyn, Daniel Emery Taylor, Rachel Marinacci, Bobby Place, Frank Girardeau, Marla Leigh Malcom, Matt Walsh, John Ross Bowie, Cristen Coppen, Cleo King, Lori Beth Edgeman, Kellie Garrigan, Michael Cornier, Frank Cooper, Mark Bez, Andrew Fowler, Paul Simpson, Rada Phlong, Marc Gordon, Tharon Johnson, Raymond DeLoatch, Will Aklin, Calvin J. Wilson, Benjamin Booker, Bridgett Wise, Aerica D'Amaro, Todd Phillips, Johnny Genius, Moses , Tom Peyton, Ben Kramer, Eric Tobias, Aviva , Cameron Beach, Jed Broitman, Andrew Faletti, Mandy Lauderdale, Ernie T. Lopez IV, Relton McBurrows, Kendra Myers, Matthew Myers, Byron Purvis, Ben Rakofsky, Noah Ray, Jonathan Thompson, Alex Watson

Directed By...

Todd Phillips

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Road Trip: Unrated Version

Technical Details...
Running Time:
95 mins
Release Date:
Picture Format:
Anamorphic Widescreen
Soundtrack Languages:
English: DTS 5.1, English: DD 5.1, English: DD 3

DreamWorks, ,
Comedy, ,

Price: $26.99

Collection no. 30

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