Six Days, Seven Nights (1998)


Big-screen favorite Harrison Ford stars in this nonstop adventure hit about a dream vacation that turns into a hilarious tropical nightmare! A gruff, rough-hewn cargo pilot living in the islands, Quinn Harris (Ford) hates tourists...though he's not above making a fast buck from a sharp-tongued New Yorker, Robin Monroe (Heche), when she's desperate for a quick flight to Tahiti! But this already uneasy relationship suddenly takes a nosedive when his weather-beaten old plane is forced down in a storm! Now, stranded together on a deserted isle, Quinn and Robin quickly discover all the perils of paradise. As this mismatched pair find themselves facing danger at every turn, you're sure to find their misfortunes fueling one of Hollywood's most entertaining action-comedy hits in years!

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Scene Access, Trailers, Closed Captioned

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Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, David Schwimmer, Temuera Morrison, Jacqueline Obradors, Allison Janney, Douglas Weston, Cliff Curtis, Danny Trejo, Ben Bode, Derek Basco, Amy Sedaris, Long Nguyen, Jake Feagai, John Koyama, Jen Sung Outerbridge, Michael Chapman, E. Kalani Flores, Ping Wu, Greg Gorman, Hoyt Richards, Odile Broulard, Cynthia Langbridge, Jody Kono, Michael Lushing, Pua Kaholokula, Roy Dinson JR., Don Nahaku, Priscilla Lee Taylor, Reri Tava Jobe, Natalie Goss, Christian Martson, James Edward Sclafani, Jason S. Nichols, Taj Mahal, Fred Lunt, Carlos Andrade, Kester Smith, Pat Cockett, Wayne Jacintho, Michael Barretto, Rudy Costa, Pancho Graham, Mervyn Lilo, Gordon Lilo, Afa Thompson, Javan Kaiama, Nicole Maldonado, Iele , Aldo Paro, Eric Laufiso, Wayne Aqino, Vise Vitale, Lloyd Chandler, Elliot M. Kaplan, Stephen Conteh

Directed By...

Ivan Reitman

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Six Days, Seven Nights

Technical Details...
Running Time:
102 mins
Release Date:
Picture Format:
Soundtrack Languages:
English: DD 5.1, French: DD 2

Disney/Buena Vista, Touchstone Home Video,
Adventure, Comedy,
English, French, Spanish

Price: $29.99

Collection no. 35

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