The 2000 Sports Car Championship at Laguna Seca

The 2000 championship was a lot of fun. There were some great cars present, and it was awesome to see and hear them on the track. The best race all weekend was probably the Saturday Lamborghini Challenge race. But all of the races we watched were great. Not only did we get to see Lamborghini Diablos go at it in wheel-to-wheel racing, but we got to see the all-conquering Audi prototypes take 1st and 2nd and we got to see the Saleen S7 in its debut race. The Panoz cars did well at the beginning of the race, with one of them leading for a long time, but neither one completed the race. The BMW prototypes also did well, but not well enough to beat the Audis. I actually camped overnight, and enjoyed that, too, although I should have brought warmer clothing.

Saleen S7 in the paddock

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