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Updated Saturday, 24 November, 2012

The Vector W8 is my favorite car in the world. From the first time I saw it (as a W2) in a car magazine (Car & Driver or Road & Track, I can't remember which) in the early 80's, I was in love. It's really too bad that Mr. Weigart allowed his dream to get in the way of his business sense, or Vector Aeromotive might still be making cars today. For those that are curious, as far as I know, there is no difference between the W2 and the W8. I don't know why the name was changed. As for the Avtech WX3 / M12, the main difference is the engine. The company that bought controlling interest in Vector also owned Lamborghini, and made the decision to use the Lamborghini V12 instead of the extremely expensive, yet less reliable V8 twin turbo. There were also some minor body modifications to improve the car's high-speed stability.

Vector W8 side
Image from Jim Na's Homepage (broken link removed)

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