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Updated Monday, 06 January, 2014

Mercedes Lackey is one of the most prolific authors I know of. Which is a wonderful thing, since it means there are more of her books to enjoy. And I have enjoyed every one I read. She's probably my absolute favorite author, and she apparently plays very well with her fellow authors, as I also enjoyed all of the books she co-wrote, or that were written by other authors in one of her universes. Of course, according to her, she co-writes basically all of her books with her husband, Larry Dixon, even when his name doesn't appear on the cover. Her Velgarth series spans hundreds and hundreds (possibly even thousands) of years, and has dozens of characters sprinkled through it. It is a huge piece of work, and every book in the series is worth buying and reading, and maybe reading a second or third time (and this from somebody who doesn't read books twice). For anybody who enjoys fantasy, Mercedes Lackey is a must-read.

She has created and written in a number of universes, and I have tried to break her books up by universe, and then by series within that universe.

Books I've Read by Mercedes Lackey

Standalone Books

Fiddler Fair (Paperback edition) (short stories)
Fiddler Fair


Mercedes Lackey has, in a few short years, soared to the peak of the fantasy field, and her thousands of enthusiastic readers clamor for more and more. Now comes a volume demonstrating the wide range of her talent, running the gamut from her beloved Bardic fantasies to urban fantasy set in the modern world; from science fiction adventure to chilling horror. And throughout Fiddler Fair, Lackey's sheer storytelling skill will hold the reader spellbound. Learn what happens when animal rights fanatics try to "liberate" genetically reconstructed dinosaurs. Follow Lawrence of Arabia into the desert to meet a power beyond human comprehension; and be with King Arthur, reborn into the present day, when he again gains possession of the enchanted sword Excalibur. And, in a very weird encounter of the most bizarre kind, learn why an alien from a UFO took an unusual interested in a battered Chevy pickup truck.

Fiddler Fair is a feast for the multitudes of Lackey fans everywhere--and for new readers, a powerful introduction to the most significant new fantasy writer of the decade. (book description)

Firebird (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)

Inspired by a classic fairy tale, Firebird is a marvelous coming-of-age fantasy novel with a most unusual setting: medieval Russia before the Tsars.

Ilya is the son of a boyar, a Russian prince. The boyar's majestic cherry orchard is visited at midnight by the legendary Firebird--a gigantic, magnificent hawk whose wings seem to be made of flame. When Ilya attempts--and fails--to catch the Firebird, he is banished.

The young man journeys through a fantastical Russia full of magical mazes, enchanted creatures, and untold dangers. Gifted with the ability to understand the speech of animals, Ilya saves the life of a fox, who becomes his most steadfast companion.

As happens in the best fairy tales, Ilya falls in love with an enchanted princess. To free her, he must battle an evil wizard and a powerful dragon. Magic swirls as Ilya uses his wits, his warrior's skills, and some very unusual allies to save the day and win true love. (book description)

If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition) (with Piers Anthony)
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold


In the Age of the Mazonians women rule through magic--and men suffer what they must. Magical creations only last for a single day (magical food is great for dieting), but that is quite long enough for casting a giant wet blanket (if you're feeling kind) over a would-be rampaging male--or a block of granite (if you're not). No uppity males in Mazonia!

But then as now some people rise above what they've been taught. One such is Xylina; somehow she has always understood that being of the wrong gender, or even lacking magical power, is no reason for stripping a human being of dignity. How ironic, then, that the Queen has ordained that in order to avoid execution, Xylina must use her magic to publicly corquer the most glorious male Mazonia has ever seen--and how doubly so that together he and Xylina will transform their world. (book description)

Lammas Night (Paperback edition) (short stories, created by Mercedes Lackey, edited by Josepha Sherman)
Lammas Night


In Lammas Night a young weaver of spells is persuaded to bide a while in a small village, to make their village spells and keep the Dark at bay. As part of their persuasion, the villagers have given her the house of her predecessor. Not knowing that his spirit lingers there, she unwittingly breaks the spell that laid him. Now, a half-seen phantom courts her. He is either her lover for all time, the only one she will ever know--or a wicked spirits' seeming, the aim of which is to entrap her in a fate unspeakable.

Will she call him to her or banish him forever? Now is the time of choosing, the Witching on Lammas Night. Magic Dark and Light are in perfect balance. She begins the casting of her spell . . . . (book description)

Sacred Ground (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition)
Sacred Ground

Jennifer Talldeer is Osage and Cherokee, granddaughter of a powerful Medicine Man. She walks a difficult path: contrary to tribal custom, she is learning a warrior's magics. A freelance private investigator, Jennifer spends hours tracking down stolen magical Indian artifacts.

The construction of a new shopping mall uncovers fragments of human bone, revealing possible desecration of an ancient burial ground. The sabotage of construction equipment implicates Native American activists--particularly Jennifer's old flame, who is more attractive, and more dangerous, than ever. Worst of all, the grave of Jennifer's legendary Medicine Man ancestor has been destroyed, his tools of power scattered, and a great evil freed to walk the land.

Jennifer must stand against the darkness. If she wavers even for an instant, she will be annihilated--and the world will fall into oblivion. (book description)

Tiger Burning Bright (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition) (with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton)
Tiger Burning Bright

The House of the Tiger has skillfully ruled Merina in times of peace. But now the indomitable armies of the Emperor Balthasar stand poised to crush the vulnerable city/state. And in the enemy's midst is the gray mage Apolon--foul necromancer who serves the Dreadful Dark . . . and whose mission it is to satisfy his Master's terrible hungers with living souls, the Heart of a Goddess, and the blood of a Princess.

For Adele, aging Dowager Queen; for ruling Queen Lydana; and for Princess Shelyra, lithe, impetuous, ingenious Designated Daughter, the battle seems hopeless--for they possess no defense, save for their wiles and weapons of the spirit. But the Tiger is a cunning beast, not to be underestimated. And when cornered, she bares her teeth . . . and strikes. (book description)

Bard's Tale Universe

  1. Castle of Deception (Mass Market Paperback) (by Mercedes Lackey and Josepha Sherman)
    Castle of Deception


    When young Kevin became a bard's apprentice, he thought that his new life would be filled with excitement and adventure; so when his new Master's first task for him is a perfectly ordinary manuscript copying errand to the castle of Count Volmar his disappointment knew no bounds. Why the Count was not even involved in Court politics!

    But when the Count's niece is kidnapped by elves and the Count asks for his help in recovering her, Kevin is convinced that the adventure he craves is at last at hand. What he cannot know is that the distressed damsel is not really Count Volmar's niece, that the abductors are not really elves--and that even the rescue is not what it appears to be! (book description)

  2. Fortress of Frost and Fire (Paperback edition) (by Mercedes Lackey and Ru Emerson)
    Fortress of Frost and Fire


    At least that's what all the other elves are telling the young human Gawaine about his master, the Dark Elf Naitachal. Of course Gawaine doesn't believe them; Naitachal has always treated him well and honorably, explaining that though he once was a necromancing Dark Elf, and still has the ebon skin of the breed, he long ago forsook all things black in order to become the first Elven Bard.

    But though Naitachal means every word he says, and though Gawaine has known all along that things might get a little uncomfortable for a human with a Dark Elf master, neither has guessed what temptations the future might hold: for Gawaine to forsake his master, and for Naitachal to go back to his old necromancing ways. (book description)

  3. Prison of Souls (Paperback edition) (by Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepherd)
    Prison of Souls


    The hero of the first Bard's Tale novel, Castle of Deception, is now a very old man, but his mentor, the Dark Elf Naitachal, is still going strong and training new apprentices. His latest: the King's own son, Alaire.


    Alair is an apt pupil, but before he has had a chance to master the secrets of Bardic power, he and Naitachal are sent by the King on a dangerous diplomatic mission. The kingdom on King Reynard's northern border, Suinomen, has banned magic for years, and now is making preparations for war. Their job: find out why their previously peaceful neighbor is making war noises, discover what's behind it, and stop it.


    They cannot use their innate Bardic magic. Unlicensed use of magic in Suinomen earns the wielder a sentence in the Prison of Souls, a punishment which not only takes the magic user off the streets, but which eats away at a magic user's very life force . . . . (book description)

  4. The Chaos Gate (Paperback edition) (by Josepha Sherman)
    The Chaos Gate


    The Dark Elf Naitachal, once a Necromancer who gained power by depriving others of their life forces, is now happy in the more peaceful role of Bard. But shadows from his past linger. Naitachal's Dark Elf clan sees him as the worst of traitors for daring to turn towards the Light. They mean to take revenge.

    They create a trap, the Chaos Gate, a sorcerous portal that is meant to draw him into their hands and into their power.

    Only Kevin, once Naitachal's apprentice, now a full Bard and Count in his own castle, stands between the Dark Elf and certain doom. But can even the powers of Bardic Magic be enough to vanquish the Darkness? (book description)

  5. Escape From Roksamur (Paperback edition) (by Mark Shepherd)
    Escape From Roksamur


    Once again, instead of writing music, working spells, or training his apprentice, Bard Alaire is asked to turn his hand to diplomacy. Because he's the only man the king, his brother, can trust to investigate the death of the previous Ambassador, Alaire has been made Ambassador to the troubled kingdom of Suinomen. Once before Alaire was in Suinomen--and barely made it out alive from its Prison of Souls. Now he will face high seas, low magic, and kidnapping by giant spiders--and that's before he even gets there . . . . (book description)

Bardic Universe

The Brain and Brawn Ship Series

  1. The Ship Who Sang (Paperback edition) (by Anne McCaffrey)
    The Ship Who Sang


    . . . but only her brain had been saved--saved to be schooled, programmed and implanted in the sleek titanium body of an intergalactic scout ship. But first she had to choose a human partner--male or female--to share her exhilarating escapades in space!

    Her life was to be rich and rewarding . . . resplendent with daring adventures and endless excitement, beyond the wildest dreams of mere mortals.

    Gifted with the voice of an angel and being virtually indestructible, Helva XH-834 anticipated a sublime immortality.

    Then one day she fell in love! (book description)

  2. Brain Ships (Hardcover edition) (with Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball)
    Brain Ships

    Compilation: Partnership and The Ship Who Searched.

    Nancia, a new member of the elite Courier Service of the Central Worlds and the brain of one of the most advanced stellar ships, finds her innocent vision of human nature shattered when she is paired up with brutish partner Forister.

    The Ship Who Searched
    Accompanying her exo-archaeologist parents on an EsKay dig, seven-year-old Tia becomes afflicted with a strange neural disorder that leaves her totally dependent on a mechanical life support system. (book description)

    1. Partnership (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover edition) (by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball)

      Several hundred years after Helva was commissioned, Nancia takes her commission as XN-935. Her first trip is to transport five troublesome progeny of high-level families. Nancia finds her cargo have no respect for her or others, so she does not communicate with most of them. Most of the passengers do not realize Nancia is a Brain-ship, so under assumption she is a Drone-ship they conspire to break laws. After five years the passengers will see who has accumulated the greatest wealth. Her recording systems capture the conspiracy, and years later her travels bring her up against the network that the five have been operating. (book description)

    2. The Ship Who Searched (Paperback edition) (by Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey)
      The Ship Who Searched

      Set in the same universe as The Ship Who Sang and Partnership, The Ship Who Searched tells the story of a shellperson and her search for the EsKays, a star-faring race whose artifacts are scattered througout the galaxy, but whose fate is a mystery.

      It all began when Tia, a bright and spunky seven-year-old accompanying her exo-archaeologist parents on an EsKay dig, was afflicted by a mysterious neural disorder, one whose progressing symptoms finally permit her no life at all outside of some total mechanical support system. But like The Ship Who Sang, Tia won't be satisfied to glide through life like a ghost in a glorified wheelchair; like Helva, Tia is going to strap on a spaceship!

      But Tia has also set herself on a special mission: to seek out whatever it was on the EsKay planet that laid her low, to come to understand and then eliminate it--so that no other little girl will ever suffer the fate of

      (book description)

  3. (I haven't read this book, yet) The City and the Ship (Hardcover edition) (by Anne McCaffrey and S.M. Stirling)
    The City and the Ship

    Compilation: The City Who Fought and The Ship Avenged

    The City Who Fought
    Simeon was a shell-person--the brain who ran Space Station SSS-900, on the fringes of human space. But things hadn't been going too well lately, and he was more than a little discontented. Though normally he enjoyed his work, these days it seemed boring. To make matters worse, his long-time parner had just retired and he was having a hard time adjusting to his newly assigned brawn--a strong-willed woman named Channa Hap, who seemed to feel it her duty to keep him in line. Simeon's love of wargaming would find unexpected uses when the brutal Kolnari attack the nearby colony planet, Bethel. Sheltering the colony's refugee's brought "the city" an invitation to serious trouble with Kolnari pirates.

    The Ship Avenged
    Planet Bethel bigwig Amos ben Sierra Nueva and his daughter Soamosa are kidnapped by the evil mutant, Belazair of Kolnar, in revenge for a previous defeat; Belazair plans to infect Amos with a contagious brain-destroying virus and then send him back to Bethel. So, after some arm-twisting by secret agent Bros Sperin, spaceship WYAL (brain: Rand; brawn: Joat Simeon-Hap) speeds to the rescue, though Joat and Rand don't yet know about the virus. But then Belazair's kindly son, Karak, refuses to torture Soamosa; instead he falls in love and escapes with her. Joat, meanwhile, discovers that one of Belazair's key associates is the drug-ruined uncle who, when she was a small girl, sold her into slavery in settlement of a gambling debt. (book description)

    1. The City Who Fought (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition) (by Anne McCaffrey and S.M. Stirling)
      The City Who Fought

      Simeon was a shell-person--the brain who ran Space Station SSS-900, on the fringes of human space. But things hadn't been going too well lately, and he was more than a little discontented. Though normally he enjoyed his work, these days it seemed boring. To make matters worse, his long-time parner had just retired and he was having a hard time adjusting to his newly assigned brawn--a strong-willed woman named Channa Hap, who seemed to feel it her duty to keep him in line. Simeon's love of wargaming would find unexpected uses when the brutal Kolnari attack the nearby colony planet, Bethel. Sheltering the colony's refugee's brought "the city" an invitation to serious trouble with Kolnari pirates. (book description)

    2. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Ship Avenged (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition) (by Anne McCaffrey and S.M. Stirling)
      The Ship Avenged

      And now, the sequel . . .

      It's ten years later, and Joat, the eleven year old techno-demon from The City Who Fought, is an adult herself, and by hook, crook, and blackmail (with an assist from Rand, her very own Artificial Intelligence), she's become one of the youngest commercial ship owners in human space.

      Using the good ship WYAL (for While You Ain't Looking) for various motley "transport" jobs, she has quickly gained a reputation as a trustworthy courier with a flexible approach to the rules. Which is why Central Worlds Security has recruited Joat and the WYAL to determine the present whereabouts of the Kolnari space raiders, with whom Joat has an old score to settle.

      But Belazair of the Kolnari has his own plans for revenge through an incurable and highly infectious disease that quickly destroys the higher brain functions, leaving the body a mindless husk. Belazair needs to find a carrier shiy to spread the infection--and the carrier he has hired is Joat, who is completely unaware that she is receiving a deadly cargo that could destroy civilization throughout the galaxy! (book description)

  4. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Ship Who Saved the Worlds (Hardcover edition) (by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye)
    The Ship Who Saved the Worlds

    Compilation: The Ship Who Won and The Ship Errant

    The Ship Who Won
    The brainship Carialle and her brawn, Keff, find a habitable planet inhabited by an apparent mix of races and cultures and dominated by an elite of apparent magicians. Appearances are deceiving, however, and by the time the explorers have discovered the planet's secrets--not to mention other intelligent races--they find themselves in a desperate battle to save it.

    The Ship Errant
    Carialle and Keff were the ones who had discovered intelligent life on the planet Ozran. Now she and Keff are serving as couriers for the "globe-frogs", to return them from whence they came. And now all the evidence is indicating that the dirty rats who caused Carialle such pain in the first place may be the very globe-frogs with whom she and Keff have just become friends. (book description)

    1. The Ship Who Won (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition) (by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye)
      The Ship Who Won

      The brainship Carialle and her brawn, Keff, find a habitable planet inhabited by an apparent mix of races and cultures and dominated by an elite of apparent magicians. Appearances are deceiving, however, and by the time the explorers have discovered the planet's secrets--not to mention other intelligent races--they find themselves in a desperate battle to save it. (book description)

    2. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Ship Errant (Paperback edition) (by Jody Lynn Nye)
      The Ship Errant

      Carialle and Keff were the brainship and brawn crew who discovered intelligent life on the planet Ozran. Now she and Keff are serving as couriers for the "globe-frogs", to return them from whence they came. But to get there, they must transit a sector where Carialle experienced a trauma so intense it nearly destroyed her mind.And now all the evidence is indicating that the slime who caused Carialle such pain in the first place may be the very globe-frogs she and Keff have just become friends with. (book description)

Darkover Universe

Elemental Masters Universe

  1. The Fire Rose (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition)
    The Fire Rose

    Beauty Meats Beast in San Francisco

    Heiress Rosalind Hawkins was a thoroughly modern medieval scholar, her road through life well planned and already embarked upon: by breaking new ground in the Groves of Academe she would show the world that brains and creativity trumped gender prejudice every time—and make a name for herself in the process. But when her family fortune suddenly disappeared in a cloud of debt and recrimination Rosalind was forced to the traditional haven of a previously well-to-do woman fallen on hard times: she accepted employment as a governess. She wasn't quite sure how the job—perhaps the only governess position ever on offer that required skill in medieval French—had come her way, but she did know that it would pay her several times more than she had expected to be able to earn.

    But when she arrives at her employer's mansion overlooking San Francisco Bay, Rosalind discovers that she is to be a governess in a house without children, or even a wife, and with only a single servant to keep the huge old house as immaculate as it was somehow kept. Furthermore, it seemed that she was never to meet her employer face-to-face, but merely to read to him through a speaking tube from ancient manuscripts in obscure and forgotten dialects. Still, if she persevered she might be able to resume her chosen life-path a decade earlier than would otherwise be the case . . . .

    As time passes, "governess" and employer learn first respect and then affection for each other. At last, they do meet face-to-face, and Rosalind learns Jason Cameron's terrible secret, and despite, or because of it, she comes to love him. And—the earth moves . . . . (book description)

  2. The Serpent's Shadow (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
    The Serpent's Shadow


    Maya Witherspoon lived most of the first twenty-five years of her life in her native India. As the daughter of a prominent British physician and a Brahmin woman of the highest caste, she graduated from the University of Delhi as a Doctor of Medicine by the age of twenty-two.

    But the scienc of medicine was not Maya's only heritage. For Maya's aristocratic mother Surya was a sorceress—a former priestess of the pantheon of Indian gods.

    Though Maya felt the stirring of magic in her blood, her mother had repeatedly refused to train her. "I cannot," she had said, her eyes dark with distress, whenever Maya asked, "Yours is the magic of your father's blood, not mine . . . ." Surya had never had the chance to explain this enigmatic statement to her daughter before a mysteryous illness claimed her life. Yet it was Maya's father's death shortly thereafter that confirmed her darkest suspicions. For her father was killed by the bite of a krait, a tiny venomous snake, and in the last hours of her mother's life, Surya had repeatedly warned Maya to beware "the serpent's shadow." Maya knew she muste flee the land of her birth or face the same fate as her parents.

    In self-imposed exile in Edwardian London, Maya knew that she could not hide forever from the vindictive power that had murdered her parents. She knew in her heart that even a vast ocean couldn't protect her from "the serpent's shadow" which had so terrified her mother. Her only hope was to find a way to master her own magic: the magic of her father's blood. But who would teach her? And could she learn enough to save her life by the time her relentless pursuers caught up with their prey? (book description)

  3. The Gates of Sleep (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition)
    The Gates of Sleep

    For as long as she could remember, Marina Roeswood had lived in an old, rambling farmhouse in rural Cornwall in the care of close friends of her wealthy, aristocratic parents. In the seventeen years that she had been fostered by Sebastian and Margherita Tarrant, and Margherita's brother, Thomas Buford, she had lived an almost idyllic existence. As the ward of three bohemian artists in turn-of-the-century England, she had grown to be a free thinker in an environment of fertile creativity and cultural sophistication. Under their loving private tutelage, Marina had learned to read and translate five languages, and was as literate as any well-bred woman of her era.

    But the real core of her education was far outside societal norms. For she and her foster parents were Elementas Masters of magic, and learning to control her growing powers was Marina's primary focus. Each of them commanded the magic of a specific element. Margherita and her brother Thomas were Earth Masters, Sebastian was a Fire Master, and Marina herself was a fledgling Water Master of enormous potential, with a lesser affinity for the element of Air. Marina loved nothing more than to sit by a stream or small waterfall, watching or communing with the lesser Water Elementals, Undines, and Naiads. When she played her lute, harp, or flute, she was sometimes even graced by the presence of Air Elementals, the Sylphs and Zephyrs whome Sebastian had said were her allies, though why she might need allies, Marina had no clue.

    Actually, there were quite a few mysteries about her life that Marina wasn't able to solve. Why, for example, had she never seen her parents, or been to Oakhurst, her family's ancestral manor in Devon? Her mother and father assured her fervently, in every letter, that they loved her and longed for her presence, yet if her parents loved her so much, why had they sent her awoy so young and why had they never once visited her? And why hadn't her real parents, who were also Earth Masters, trained her themselves? Why did neither her foster parents nor her real parents ever attend the Great Circle of Elemental Masters in London? That there was a secret about all this she had known from the time she had begun to question the world around her. Yet try as she might, she could get no clues out of her guardians and instinct told her that a confrontation would cause great pain to her birth mother.

    But Marina would have answers to her questions all too soon.

    For with the sudden death of her birth parents whle on holiday in Italy, Marina's life was transformed beyond all recognition. Taken from the only home and "parents" she had ever known and brought to the cold and lofty halls of Oakhurst Manor she met her new guardian—her closest surviving blood relative—her father's eldest sister Arachne. Cold, aristocratic, and superior, Aunt Arachne was an industrialist. Her pottery factories brought her a great deal of wealth and power. But Marina sensed that Arachne's real power came from something far different than commerce. For Arachne exuded a dark magical aura unlike anything Marina had encountered, a stifling evil that seemed to threaten Marina's very spirit. Slowly Marina realized that her aunt was the very embodiment of the danger her parents had been hiding her from in the backwoods of Cornwall. But could Marina unravel the secrets of her life in time to save her from the evil which had been seeking her for nearly eighteen years? (book description)

    Personal note: I really enjoyed this story. Go figure. I think I’ve enjoyed every one of Mercedes Lackey’s books that I’ve read. My biggest disappointment was that the book ended too soon. I could say more, but I’d be giving things away.

  4. Phoenix and Ashes (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition)
    Phoenix and Ashes

    Eleanor Robinson's life had fallen apart. As a matter of fact, the whole world seemed to be falling apart. She had spent years trying to convince Papa to send her to Oxford; years during which she had labored to prove herself worthy, studying Latin and Greek, passing every examination, her only wish to study great literature at Oxfrod's new women's college. It hadn't mattered to Eleanor that they didn't grant degrees to women—she would be satisfied just to immerse herself in her studies at that venerable institution. And she had been accepted! All that was left to do was make the arrangements. But then the Great War had broken out, and Father had volunteered, leaving her alone with a woman she barely knew. For her father had remarried just before leaving for the front, and now Eleanor felt like a stranger in her own home, an unwelcome presence to her fashionable new London stepmother, Alison, and her two pampered stepsisters.

    And then the letter had come—the letter that told of her father's death in the trenches. And just when Eleanor thought things couldn't get any worse, her life took an even more bizarre turn.

    Dragged to the hearth by Alison and her solicitor, Eleanor was forced to endure a painful and frightening ritual—a ritual during which the smallest finger of her left hand was severed and buried beneath a hearthstone. For her stepmother was an Elemental Master of Earth, but not just an ordinary Master—a Master who practiced the darker blood-fueled arts. Alison had bound Eleanor to the hearth with a spell that prevented her from leaving the environs of her home, caused her to fade from people's memories, and made her into a virtual slave. Days faded into months, which faded into years for Eleanor, and still the war raged. There was no question that the life she had known was lost forever, but there were times she even felt she was losing her mind—times she seemed to see faces in the hearth fire.

    Reginald Fenyx was the priveleged, aristocratic son of Sir Devlin Fenyx of Longacre Park. But it was not his high social position, nor his huge manor house that caused the young men of Broom to hero-worship him. For Reggie was a pilot. He lived to fly, and whenever he returned to Broom on break from Oxford the youngsters of the town would turn out to see him lift his aeroplane—a frail ship of canvas and sticks—into the sky and soar through the clouds. Aside from Father, Reggie was the only one who had encouraged Eleanor to try for Oxford, and Eleanor had fallen a little bit in love with him.

    During the war Reggie had become an acclaimed air ace, for unbeknownst to the villagers of Broom, he was an Elemental Master of Air. His Air Elementals had protected him until the fateful day when he had met another of his kind aloft and nearly died. When he returned to Longacre Park, Reggie was a broken man plagued by shell shock, his Elemental powers vanished.

    Eleanor and Reginald were two souls scourged by war and evil magic. Could they somehow find the strength to help one another rise from the ashes of their destruction? (book description)

  5. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Wizard of London (Hardcover edition)
    The Wizard of London

    Set in Victorian London—where magic is real and Elemental Masters control the powers of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—the fourth novel in this best-selling series tells the story of Lord Alderscroft, Master of the British Elemental Masters Council—the most powerful Fire Master ever to lead the Council. Loosely based on The Snow Queen, The Wizard of London delves into Lord Alderscroft's youth, when he was bespelled by an evil Elemental Master who hoped to use him for political gain. (book description)

  6. Reserved for the Cat (Paperback Edition) or (Hardcover Edition) or (Amazon Kindle Edition)
    Reserved for the Cat

    Ninette Dupond was a dancer with the Paris Opera Ballet. She had been very lucky—there were not many options open to a poor girl living alone with her mother in Montmartre. If she had not been pretty, and a natural dancer, she could only have become what her mother had been: a washerwoman, or perhaps if she were desperate and hungry enough, a prostitute. No respectable man would marry a girl with no father, and her Maman could not bear the thought of her graceful only child, who danced almost before she could walk, marrying a poor workingman, bearing a dozen children, and dying young. Maman had worked herself to death to enable Ninette to attend the ballet school of the Paris Opera, and now Ninette was a soloist.

    Unlike many other dancers, Ninette was smart enough not to harbor an ambition to become one of the premier danseurs, and being an etoil like Mademoiselle Jenmarie Augustine—the most exalted ballerina at the Paris Opera Ballet—seemed as unreachable to Ninette as the heavens above. Ninette’s hopes were far more modest—she wished to be noticed by a wealthy older gentleman, a patron who would protect her and take care of her now that her mother was gone.

    But Ninette’s luck changed the day that Mlle Augustine sprained her ankle and Ninette was chosen to fill in as La Sylphidethe leading role—at a matinee. Her reviews had been good—very good. Too good. And soon Ninette found herself out of a job, fired in an attempt to soothe the wounded ego of the ballet’s brightest star.

    Alone, unemployed, and soon to be destitute, Ninette returned to her little garret apartment knowing that she had three days to find work, for in three days the rent would be due, and if she couldn’t pay it she would be thrown out into the street. But the only type of work she knew was dance, and the only type of dance was ballet, and she soon found that the Folies Bergére and the Moulin Rouge had no use for her particular talents. On the eve of the third day, filled with despair, Ninette had returned to her apartment to find a thin, rangy, tabby-striped tomcat sitting on her wondowsill. He was familiar—it seemed that she had glimpsed him here and there for as long as she could remember—just another stray cat. However, her opinion changed dramatically when he abruptly spoke to her, mind-to-mind.

    Ninette though she was going mad, but the cat offered her an alternative to prostitution, albeit an extremely unusual one. He proposed that she leave France, go to England, impersonate a nerowned Russian ballerina, Nina Tchereslavsky, and go to work in a specific music hall in Blackpool. The cat also told her that he would take care of her in every way—he would somehow convey the English and Russian languages to her, supply her with money, and guide her every move. With no other option open to her, she placed her life in his paws.

    What Ninette didn’t know was that the cat was an Elemental Spirit sent to protect her by her long-lost father, who had been an Elemental Master of Earth, and that the cat was guididng her to a music hall owned by another Elemental Master, a sympathetic Master whos domain was Air. But she also didn’t know that the real Nina Tchereslavsky no longer existed. For the real Nina had been "absorbed" Elemental Spirit of the darkest kind, and this evil spirit was now bent on Ninette’s destruction . . . (book description)

    Personal note:

Elves on the Road Universe

Bedlam's Bard (Reprint of Knight of Ghosts and Shadows and Summoned to Tourney) (by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon)
  1. Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon)
    Eric Banyon, musician, is out playing the blues on his flute one day, but he couldn't have known that the desperate sadness of his music would free a young elven noble from the magical prison he has been languishing in for centuries--nor does he believe it!
  2. Summoned to Tourney (by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon) (out of print)
    Elves in L.A.? When things get too hot there, they move north to San Francisco. But in their futuristic world, San Francisco is doomed to drop into the ocean The only hope lies with the humanlord--who must summon the soul-devouring Nightflyers.

Diana Tregarde Investigations

  1. Children of The Night (by Mercedes Lackey)
    Diana Tregarde finds unexpected danger in New York--a rock band of psi-vampires that feed on strong negative emotions--and soon this practicing witch allies herself with Andre LeBrel, a true vampire who intends to destroy this musical menace.
  2. Jinx High (by Mercedes Lackey) (publisher out of stock)
  3. Burning Water (by Mercedes Lackey)
    Something is stalking Dallas. First it attacked cattle, leaving bloody corpses. Now it is going after people. Detective Mark Valdez feels the evil surrounding the city and calls in a specialist, Diana Tregarde, a romance novelist and practicing witch. But will Diana be an avenging angel or a willing sacrifice?

The SERRAted Edge

King Aedham of Avalon

  1. Elvendude (by Mark Shepherd) (I haven't read this one yet)
    Sent to live in another world with altered memories so as to protect him from the evil forces that prey upon his father's kingdom, Prince Adam finds his life turned upside down when his true heritage catches up with him. (from an review)
  2. Spiritride (Mass Market Paperback) or (Paperback edition) (by Mark Shepherd)

    (book description)

  3. Spiritride (by Mark Shepherd)
    Randolf "Thorn" Wilson died a long time ago. But that doesn't stop him from riding his ghost Harley through the sky, trying to help other bikers. Now he's caught in a battle between an elven King and his skateboard-riding champion and a mad Prince of the Dark Elves and his demon drug-pusher. Also caught in the middle are two mortal bikers: Wolf, an ex-vet who's a mage-in-training, and Lucas Tatum, a criminal in training. It's up to Thorn to save the two without getting the tattered remnant of his spirit blasted to the four winds.... (from the back of the book)
  4. Lazerwarz (Paperback edition) (by Mark Shepherd)

    Dobie's ambitions didn't extend much past working fast food—until the Lazerwarz arena came to town. There he discovered the world of laser tag, and with it a warrior's persona he never knew he possessed. Then a goddess in disguise picks him up in a shiny red Corvette, and the fireworks really get started. (book description)

The Halfblood Chronicles Universe

  1. Elvenbane (with Andre Norton)
    Shana, the product of a forbidden union between an elvenlord and a human, is raised by dragons after her exiled mother dies and emerges to fulfill a prophecy that makes her the target of her elvenlord ancestors.
  2. Elvenblood (with Andre Norton)
    Chaos sweeps through the magical realm after Shana, an upstart halfblood known as the Elvenbane, and her ragtag band of outcasts, half-bloods, human slaves, and dragons challenges the power of the cruel Elvenlords.

The Light and The Darkness

Mercedes has two series of books set in the same timeline. If she names the world I missed it, so I am sticking both series here, because a main theme is the Balance between The Light and The Darkness.

The Sword of Knowledge Universe

Velgarth (Valdemar) Universe

Wing Commander Universe

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