Club Z's Ultimate Z Weekend

Los Angeles and San Diego areas

Club Z at Motorsports Auto's Car Show

Updated 06/10/99

As the title says, this trip made for an ultimate Z weekend. On Thursday, 5 Zs caravanned From San Jose to Anaheim. On Friday, we headed for San Diego and Jim Wolf Technology. On Saturday, we attended Stillen's annual Open House. On Sunday, we took part in Motorsports Auto's annual Z car show. Here are a few pictures I took along the way. As a little disclaimer, let me say that all of the earlier model Zs have been labeled by me, which means that they might not be what I have them labeled as.

AMC AMX Kaiser-Darrin show car Isorivolta

Above are three of the offerings at the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park. It's hard to believe that the AMX (left picture) was made by the same company that produced the Pacer. Also of note are the nifty doors that slide forward into the body work on the Kaiser-Darrin.

Modified 240Z Modified 240Z (headlight detail) Cobra-bodied Z

The first two shots are of a beautifully customized 240Z. The detail that I was most impressed with was the awesome headlight treatment. The third shot is of a Cobra-bodied Z. This was one of the most radical custom jobs at the show.

Modified 240Z Modified 240Z Modified 240Z

Here are a couple of green Zs that I really liked the looks of, as well as a red monster with a V8 under (mostly under, anyway) the hood. Of course, the second green one is also sporting a very nice looking V8.

Modified 240Z Modified 240Z Nice 280

The first two shots are of another really nicely modified 240Z The changes have changed the character and made the car more aggressive looking than stock. The third shot is a 280 that I just liked the looks of.

Nice Z32 Nice Z32 Nice Z32

Here are three Z32s. The one in the middle had some of the most beautiful paint in the show.

Wild paint! Nice Z32 Nice Z32

Another three Z32s. The one on the left is sporting iridescent purple paint that looks pretty awesome in person. I really like the other two, too, but maybe I'm biased by the paint color.

Veilsides Z32 Veilsides Z32 Erebuni Z32

The first two shots are of a very nicely done Veilsides or Erebuni kit. Compare the fitment of its side skirts to the fitment of the side skirts on the white one on the right. A good example of why you should always take your car to a good body shop that knows how to deal with kits if you want your kit to look good.

Nice Z32 Winner of Club Z's Ugliest Z32 award Winner of Club Z's Ugliest Z award

The Z on the left is sporting a nice Wings West body kit. The one in the middle won the coveted Club Z Ugliest Z32 award. If you look closely, you'll notice that the front spoiler is totally gone, and the bra is riveted to the broken edges. Ouch. Hopefully, the owner is planning on fixing this soon. The Z31 on the right won the Club Z Ugliest Z award hands-down. There weren't any other cars that even came close.  I don't know if there was a reason for the scoop that is poking out of the hood, but it looks even worse in person than it does i this picture.

All of these pictures were taken by me and scanned by me.

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