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Updated Saturday, 24 November, 2012

In February 1998, I had the wonderful opportunity to purchase a Nissan 300ZX. I had been drooling over this car for about seven years, so I was quite thrilled at the prospect of finally being able to own one. The car I bought was a red 1994 normally aspirated 2-seater with t-tops and a leather interior. Even though my personal preference is for manual transmissions, I bought an automatic, so that my wife could drive it, too. Basically, my decision came down to getting an automatic Z or getting an automatic of some other vehicle, and I felt that I would be much happier with an automatic Z than with no Z.

Well, eventually, we got my wife a car of her own, so I no longer needed an automatic transmission in my car. Because of the complicated electronics in a modern engine, I decided that it would be better to sell the car I had and buy one with a manual transmission, rather than converting it. When I decided to sell, I knew what I wanted to replace it with. I wanted another 300ZX, with a manual transmission, and I also wanted the extra power of a Twin Turbo. After almost a year on the market, the NA finally sold, and it was time to get my new Z. From the time the buyer picked up the NA, it took me a whole 18 hours or so (yes, hours, not days or weeks) to get my hands on a Twin Turbo.

The car I bought is a Cherry Red Pearl 1991 Twin Turbo with a 5-speed transmission. Like the NA it replaced, it has t-tops and a leather interior. It has had a lot of work done to the engine (about $10,000 worth) at one of the best Z shops in the country, Scott Performance. Work included all new stock injectors, new timing belt and idler pulley, new water pump, new upgraded cooling system with all new hoses and Euro-spec radiator (which will soon be replaced by the Koyo double-capacity radiator sitting in the garage at home), JWT POP Charger (high-flow intake), custom JWT ECU, Genie Turbo stainless catback exhaust, spark plugs, battery, PCV valves and hoses, and EGR unit and hose.

Rear 3-quarter.

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